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Before the Light

The world of Zylia was a realm of darkness and mutating chaos. The four elemental planes ravaged the world, shaping it as their powers collided. Ormazd amassed all the knowledge about the world into a boundless tome, This tome was shared with the other gods, and war for creation began, over who had the right to shape this new world. The war for creation continued for erternities, untill Ormazd called to a summon to descide in unison, who should shape it, and how much influence the other gods would have. This would be known as the Council of Exarchs and Ormazd presented the laws for the domains. After the Council of Exarchs, three gods had chosen to shape the world, all representing several domains, the gods where Anir, Helion and Ormazd. Anir had been chosen to bring Life to the world, Helion had been chosen to bring Light and Law to the world. Ormazd had been chosen to bring change and magic to the world.

Dawn of Wolds

The chaotic mass, infested with the chaotic elemental powers was endless. Helion called forth Light to reveal the world to the eyes of the gods. Ormazf led the creation of the Titans to aid them in the shaping of the world. For a year, the gods and Titans shaped the land, and cleansed it from the roaming elemental powers.
Anir breathed life into the world, plants spread across the land, oceans became filled with life. All originating from the Pools of Life
Helion and Anir shaped the world, creating the sharp mountains of Shatterspear Ridge, the oasis of nature in the Cradle of Life, the frozen, icy wastes know as Evercold Peaks and the Maelstorm.

Anir created massive forrests through his Avatar the Wanderer, and a being which became know as the World worm.


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